Our Home Your Home

All of the units here at the Assisted Living Center – Salisbury are private units with private baths. Units are equipped with heating and air conditioning, access to telephone, cable television and free wireless internet access, a small refrigerator and an emergency telephone call system.

We encourage you to furnish and decorate your unit in a manner that is comfortable and warm, and demonstrates your personal interests and spirit. Please place your furnishings carefully as to not create fall hazards and keep papers, curtains and other flammables away from heating units.

You are encouraged to use parlor areas for social interactions with your new neighbors, for gatherings of friends and families, and for recreational activities. There is a pantry area on each floor with filtered water, instant hot water, Keurig coffee machines and a microwave oven for your use at any time. We hope you will enjoy the sunshine on our great outside decks or enjoy the summer breezes in the shade of our umbrella sitting area. We have flower and vegetable gardens around the campus for your enjoyment.

Our staff can assist with weekly light housekeeping, trash removal and bathroom cleaning, as well as weekly laundry of personal clothing, towels and linens.

You will quickly get to know our maintenance staff, as they work diligently to maintain your home in a manner consistent with the high standards that are established for them. You do have a role in the upkeep of your unit and of the campus in general – and that is to be sure to alert the office staff to any problems that may arise in your unit – such as a dripping faucet or a loose doorknob, or any issues that you may notice throughout the building.

Throughout the week, activities are coordinated with the hope of keeping your mind stimulated, your fingers nimble, and your heart light. Some activities are impromptu and just for fun, while others are planned and have a purpose. Whatever the goal, the reason is to keep you socially active in your new community. (Volunteer Opportunities)


Periodically each month, local clergy or their representatives make available to you a monthly service, Chaplet of the Rosary, or private visitation times. Friend and relatives are welcome to join.

At Connie’s Cuts and Curls, our hair salon, a stylist is available weekly (at a reduced rate for our residents) for men and women. Charge accounts may be set up for salon services and will be billed monthly along with the regular room, board and personal care charges.

Nibbles & Nourishments


“A stockbroker urged me to buy a stock that would triple its value every year. I told him ‘At my age, I don’t even buy green bananas."
~Claude Pepper

In our Shore House Bistro, enjoy all of the wonderful sounds and aromas of home cooking—in an intimate environment with personalized meal service.

We offer three meals each day from our kitchen, starting with hot coffee and freshly baked muffins available at sunrise with breakfast available until 8 a.m. Lunch is the main meal of the day, prepared with seafood, meats, baked goods and produce purchased from local farm stands and grocers whenever possible. Supper specialties change depending on the time of year, the weather, the creativity of the cook, and our residents' favorites, but typically consist of homemade soups, casseroles, fresh salads and specialty sandwiches.


"Lots of summertime interest; superb grilled items, fun meals, fresh salads! Great New England comfort foods. The menu has lots of pizzazz with a delicious variety. A colorful mix of vegetables...provides the most vitamins & minerals per bite. Excellent high-end menu choices...coconut shrimp, baked salmon, roast beef, lobster fest!
Delicious desserts…pecan bars, Boston cream torte, blueberry crumb cake, root beer float, fresh blueberry & strawberry shortcakes, plus healthy alternatives and fresh fruits."



Scheduled & Impromptu Activities

“You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.”
~Ogden Nash

The lifestyle you choose to lead here is as active or tranquil as you want, but we have plenty going on every day to tempt you to be active. The residence and parlor areas are designed and decorated to encourage impromptu gatherings of residents and visits with your family and friends. We encourage you to make full use of all the various areas of the facility, both inside and out.


"Love makes the world go round,
but laughter keeps us from getting dizzy."

What you bring to our community is your lifetime of experiences. So much of what happens here is ever-changing, based on our residents’ backgrounds, personal histories, and interests.

We realize that quality of life has a different meaning for everyone. Together, with regular input from our residents, activities schedules encompass the interests and passions of our residents. Our activities programming is a blend of cultural, social, and musical events.

We celebrate every holiday imaginable, and on the major holidays of Christmas, New Years, Easter and Thanksgiving, our cooks put together a multicourse family-style meal.

Put on your mask for Mardi Gras and break out your maracas for Cinco de Mayo. We also have our very own Olympics ceremony with medals, and Academy Awards complete with a red carpet. National Pancake Day gets a delicious nod, and we been known to prepare a pu pu platter for 30 for Chinese New Year. You say it’s your birthday? We’ll prepare your favorite meal.


Cabaret LoungeEnjoy some of New England's best piano bar talent and an afternoon cocktail.

Socials – Get together with friends and chat during the weekly Coffee Klatch, or just sit back and be served during our ice cream socials, tea parties, cocktail parties and cookouts.

Music – Bagpipes, piano, guitar, accordion, vocals, sing-alongs…we love music.

Gardening Club – Plant seeds during Earth Day for our vegetable and flower gardens, help plant our lush gardens in the spring, or be an armchair gardener and just sit outside and enjoy the beauty of the flowers or pick and bite into some fresh cherry tomatoes and cukes.

World Events – Share your life’s experiences during the Current Events/News & Views discussion group, History hour or the biography hour.

Read Aloud Programs – Participate in the Book Club where novels are read aloud to residents, or drop in for the short story group.

Trips – Join the group for lunch at a favorite restaurant, or on a trip out to view the fall foliage or holiday lights. Summer favorites are trips to Newburyport Waterfront for outdoor plays and concerts.

Games – Song burst, Pictionary, Cribbage, Poker, Bingo, Name that Tune, What’s My Line. Scrabble, anyone?

For Your Viewing Pleasure – New and classic movies, holiday favorites, live concerts or old time television

Armchair Exercise Group- Every major part of the body is worked, from head to toe. Through a series of stretching exercises, arm and leg extensions, neck rotations, and torso stretches, this armchair exercise gives a full workout.

Community Partnerships For Residents- Various community partnerships and volunteer opportunities keep our residents active outside of our building and grounds with organizations like Merrimack Valley Feline Society; Hampton, Newburyport & Salisbury Chambers of Commerce; Amesbury, Newburyport, Seabrook and Salisbury Senior Centers.

We sponsor a Salisbury Little League Team; support Salisbury Elementary PTA; Girl Scouts; Salisbury Public Library Bookmobile; and community service opportunities for high school graduation requirements.